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new dill pickle

The new Dill Pickle flavor offers a unique and appealing taste that blends perfectly with Wenzel’s naturally smoked meat.

Beef Sticks


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Wenzel’s Farm knows that real-life calls for real, sustainable energy. The kind of energy that only real, high-quality protein can deliver. That is why we only use quality cuts of meats in all of our products. NO FILLER, NO BINDERS, NO EXTENDERS, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS, or FLAVORS. Just great meats, custom-crafted in small batches and naturally hardwood smoked.

Certified Gluten Free

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no artificial colors

No Artificial Colors

no corn syrup

No Corn Syrup

Wenzel's Farm Products

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Great Meats

Award-Winning Products Begin with Award-Winning Ingredients

We only use the best cuts of premium beef and pork in our products. Our family uses no fillers or binders – just quality cuts of real protein-packed meat.